Si2151/41 第 6 代硅电视调谐器 IC

Si2151/41 solutions are the industry's most advanced silicon TV tuner ICs supporting all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards for digital and analog TV reception. Si2151/41 devices deliver unprecedented integration with no external balun, tracking filters, LNAs, SAW filters or inductive power supply filtering. Leveraging five generations of field-proven TV tuner technology, Si2151/41 devices deliver improved RF performance over our Si21x7 TV tuner family while further reducing footprint size and bill of materials cost.

A fully integrated 1.8 V LDO enables single supply operation, while a dual supply option offers additional system flexibility. Increased immunity to LTE interference and a harmonic rejection mixer with outstanding immunity to Wi-Fi interference eliminates the need for external filtering. For advanced digital broadcast standards with high-order constellations, such as DVB-T2 and DVB-C2, the superior integrated phase noise of Si2151/41 devices provides industry-leading reception performance as well as exceptional picture quality and a higher number of received stations compared to other silicon TV tuners.

As small as 3 x 3 mm
5 generations of TV tuners

Si21x1 一般规格

  • 全球混合电视调谐器
    • 模拟电视:NTSC、PAL/SECAM
  • 行业领先的 A/74、NorDig、D-Book、C-Book、ARIB、EN55020、OpenCable™ 规范余量
  • 最低的硅混合电视调谐器 BOM
    • 无需平衡-不平衡转换器
    • 无需 SAW 滤波器或绕线电感器
    • 集成 LNA 和完整的跟踪滤波器
  • 同类最优的现实世界接收
    • 超越基于 MOPLL 的分立式调谐器
    • 行业领先的相位噪声性能
    • 对 Wi-Fi 和 LTE 干扰有极强的抗扰性
  • 低功耗
    • 3.3 V 和 1.8 V 电源
    • 用于 3.3 V 单电源运行的集成 1.8 V LDO
  • 集成上电复位电路
  • 灵活的输出接口
    • 结合的 ALIF/DLIF 输出至 SoC
    • 可选的 DLIF 输出至外部解调器
  • 标准的 CMOS 工艺技术
  • 硅混合电视调谐器的最小封装
    • 3 x 3 mm, QFN24 package
  • 符合 RoHS
Find the Right Si21x1 Device 选择列
零件号 描述 封装类型 封装尺寸 (mm)
适用于 ATSC/QAM 的全球数字电视调谐器、 DVBT2/T/C2/C、 ISDB-T/C、 DTMB QFN24 3x3
适用于 NTSC 的全球数字和模拟电视调谐器、 PAL/SECAM、 ATSC/QAM、 DVB-T2/T/C2/C、 ISDB-T/C、 DTMB QFN24 3x3

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