Si892x 隔离放大器

Si892x is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier ideal for measuring voltage across a current shunt resistor or for any place where a ensor must be isolated from the control system. Si892x amplifiers offer low voltage and differential input while providing higher performance, reduced variation with temperature and age, tighter part-to-part matching, and longer lifetimes compared to other isolation technologies.

Si892x devices use our proprietary isolation technology and have a very low signal delay that allows control systems to respond quickly to fault conditions or changes in load. 低偏移和增益漂移确保在整个工作温度范围内保持精确度。Exceptionally high common mode transient immunity enables the Si892x to deliver accurate measurements, even in the presence of high power switching, such as in motor drive system or inverter applications. The amplifiers support up to 5.0 kVrms withstand voltage per UL1577 with a differential analog signal output amplified by either 8.1x or 16.2x.

75 kV/µs
Low signal delay
0.75 µs


  • 低压差分输入
    • ±100 mV 和 ±200 mV 选项
  • 低信号延迟:0.75 µs
  • 输入参考偏移:0.2 mV
  • 增益误差:<0.5%
  • 出色的漂移规格
    • 1 µV/°C 偏移漂移
    • 60 ppm/°C 增益漂移
  • 非线性:0.1 % 全标度
  • 低噪音:100 kHz 频宽时 0.10 mVrms
  • 高共模瞬态抗扰度:75 kV/ µs
  • 紧凑封装:
    • 16 引脚宽体 SOIC
    • 8 引脚表面安装 DIP
  • -40°C 至 125°C
  • AEC-Q100
找到合适的 Si892x 设备 选择列
零件号 封装类型 温度范围 (ºC) 输出模式 隔离额定值 初始精度
GW DIP8 -40 125 模拟 3.75 1.50%
WB SOIC16 -40 125 模拟 3.75 1.5%
WB SOIC16 -40 125 模拟 5 1.5%
GW DIP8 -40 125 模拟 3.75 0.75%
WB SOIC16 -40 125 模拟 3.75 0.75%
WB SOIC16 -40 125 模拟 5 0.75%

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