Si4730/31 AM/FM 收音机接收器

Si4730/31 ICs are the industry's first fully integrated, 100% CMOS AM/FM radio receivers. Si4730/31 AM/FM radio devices provide space savings and low-power consumption necessary for portable devices while delivering high performance and design simplicity desired for all AM/FM solutions. With unmatched integration and PCB space savings, Si4730/31 devices require only two external components and less than 15 mm² of board area.

Our Si473x-D60 devices are the industry’s first integrated AM/FM tuners with an AUXIN ADC, offering unparalleled integration, audio quality, and performance for consumer audio applications requiring low power dissipation, minimal board area and exceptional audio processing. Si473x-D60 tuners offer a stereo analog input and internal ADCs multiplexed with the radio tuner front-end to support auxiliary analog system inputs without the need for additional external ADCs.

3mm x 3mm
Manual alignment required


  • 全球 FM 波段支持 (76–108 MHz)
  • 全球 AM 波段支持 (520–1710 kHz)
  • AM/FM 数字调谐
  • 需要很少的外部元件
  • 无需手动校准
  • 可调整 AM 信道滤波器
  • 高级的 AM/FM 搜索调谐
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数字 数字 立体声
数字 数字 立体声

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